Kids React To 'The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers': The Fine Bros' Video Will Make Us All Feel Old

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One of the shows that you couldn't wait to watch after a long day at school for many 90's kids was "The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers." The Fine Bros. have some kids of today weigh in and they make 90's kids feel pretty old.

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90's kids may have had it the best when it came to Television shows from ages 8-18. At the time they were entertaining and "The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" was in it's golden era, none of that "Wild Force" or "Mystic Force" hullabaloo. What The Fine Bros.

did was pretty hilarious and something many may have seen coming for a long time.

As the kids began to watch the show it was "what the" after "what the." There were only about two kids who really enjoyed the older version and they were around the ages of 10.

The Fine Bros.

themselves were called a little old by one of the kids after they said that the show came out when they were around the kids ages when the show came out.

One exclaimed "I didn't know it was that old," to which the reply was, "Oh Thanks."

As the conversation went on the words that were thrown around included: cheap, cheesy, fake and not real.

"It's so cheesy it hurts," one of the kids said while laughing.

Well that cheap, cheesy and fake show was a staple for many in the 90's including the person penning this article.

A lot of things make you realize how old you've become over time and this is one that will do it for a ton of people.

Watch Kids React To The Power Rangers

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