Kids Give Up A Chance At Having The Perfect Gift to Make Their Parents Happy

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At times you might go through your day and take care of your child without expecting anything in return.

What you may not know is that many kids would love the opportunity to give back to their parents.

In the video below, some wonderful kids choose their parents happiness over their own, showing the true selfless nature of the holiday.

The video was found on viral site Reddit but originally posted UPtv's official YouTube Channel. It starts out with a statistic showing that 83% of Metro Atlanta Boys and Girls Clubs kids come from low-income families.

It also stated that some of these families are unable to purchase a Christmas tree for the holidays. After the statistic, a social experiment was conducted.

Some of the boys and girls were asked what they wanted for Christmas, then, they were asked to guess what they think their parents might want as a present. The children were then presented with both gifts but only had the option to choose the one for themselves or their parents.

All of the children chose to get the gift for their parents but some of the reactions are incredibly heartwarming. The amount of appreciation these children showed exemplifies what the season of giving is all about.

Check "The Other Christmas Gift" below.