Kids Give Awesome Advice on Texting or Calling While Dating

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The Canoodle Content YouTube channel continues their awesome "Kids On" series with "Kids On: Text or Call." In the video, some adorable kids give their take on what mode of communication works best when dating.

The video below surfaced on Reddit and after a little digging we found out that the YouTube channel is actually pretty new.

The channel features other cool videos like this one but this has got to be the most humorous yet insightful one yet.

Some of the kids in the video had pretty good explanations for why you should do either of the communication practices, however, a couple of the youngest ones showed a little wisdom beyond their years.

"I would say either in person or text because call is just weird," said one girl.

She said it just doesn't feel right. Sadly actual communication on the phone has been lacking even more year after year.

Some kids believe calling is the best way to go but others have already moved on to the age of texting.

Check out the "Kids On: Text or Call" video below.