Kids' Dunk Celebration Backfires

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If this happened to Lebron James the sports world might cry with laughter, however, they'll have to settle for this little guy who learns what can happen when you celebrate a bit too much.

(Video Below)

This hilarious video surfaced on Reddit and was posted to the VidMe website prior to that. You've seen it plenty of times before, a kid does something pretty cool or what they think is pretty cool and immediately begins celebrating.

Sometimes it's taken over the top and when things go to far, people get hurt. Now, in this case no one is seriously injured, had it been a real basketball hoop, that might have been a different story.

So, while there is no harm in this one it's easy to enjoy for comical relief. Anyone who's ever had one of these little hoops relished at the fact that they were able to dunk at some point. This little guy makes his dunk and begins celebrating.

However, he rocked the rim a little too hard on this one and the hoop comes crashing down on his head.

The thud it makes followed by his reaction is downright priceless. Check out the video below and hopefully this doesn't deter your little ones NBA dreams.

Watch what happens when the kid celebrates too much below.