Kid Hilariously Embarrasses His Mother With Maxi Pads

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There are just some things that need to stay private and unfortunately sometimes kids are the ones that let the cat out of the bag.

In this situation a little boy is trying to be helpful while he and his mother are shopping, however, it looks like he may have embarrassed her a bit.

(Video Below)

In the video below, which surfaced on Reddit, a little boy is helping his mother shop and brings over an economy sized package of maxi pads.

At first it seems as if she is amused at the fact that her son would actually brings those over to her. Things get even funnier when he tries to explain or question rather, the proper use of maxi pads.

"Don't you use these for your butt," questioned the little guy.

His mother denied it in a confused manner and told him to put the package back. At that point it would have been wise to do so but the boy maintains that he knows that his mother uses the item.

He finally asks her if she still wants a pack of them at which point she sternly yelled, "put it back." The video was posted to the Social Splash YouTube Channel and really goes to show how attentive, inquisitive and literal children are.

It also goes to show how much children know these days, or at least how much they think they know. You can check out the video below.

Check out the hilarious little boy embarrassing his mom below.