Kid Hilariously Answers Math Problem

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We've all seen a ton of kids who were probably too smart for their own good and this one is just like the rest of them.

The term being literally very much applies to this situation where a kid answers a math problem in one of the best ways possible. It also proves that teachers might want to watch how they word their questions.

The image below was found on Reddit and was originally posted to the image sharing website Imgur. Being a teacher can be pretty stressful.

Imagine having to keep track of a few classes filled with children and grading, well, that's a whole other story. It's got to be rewarding when you come across a test answer such as the one in the photo below.

The photo caption read, "this is why my kid is going places," which cleverly shows utter hilarity from the photo. The kid answers a simple math problem with the correct answer. However, when he is asked to show his thinking, he simply draws a stick figure that represents himself and a thought bubble that contains the correct answer.

The photo is pretty funny and shows why you always have to be careful with kids because they always look to the literal meaning of things. Check out the photo below.

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