Kid Gifts His Classmates Sneakers After He Was Made Fun Of

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School can be a tough place for kids who don't have much or whose parents are a bit more frugal with the money they spend on items like sneakers.

However, the video below proves that there are still amazing kids out there who are willing to lend a helping hand.

Sneakers continue to become a growing staple in fashion. For many it's a sign of status while others just can't wrap their heads around the seemingly strange world of sneaker collecting.

It can also be dangerous, with some kids and adults being targeted for their rare sneakers; in many cases Air Jordans.

Going to a public school where there are students who come from a variety of economical backgrounds can be hard for those whose families might be struggling.

Sometimes kids are made fun of for not having the latest gear. Yes. It's not fair and downright silly that kids have to go through life being made fun of for not keeping up with the latest trends but it happens are there are only so many ways you can deal with it. The young man in the video below shows how much of stand up human being he is.

The news of what transpires in the video below was broken by Complex and The Bleacher Report. A student who was being made fun of for not having cool sneakers was gifted a pair of Lebron James' signature kicks by one of his classmates.

The reaction is enough to warm your heart and restores your hope in humanity and in the youth as well. You can watch it all unfold below.

OK that was a grown up move... Kids was getting bullied and ragged on about his shoes.... so another student bought him some Lebron's the next day...

Posted by Miguel Marquize Howell on Sunday, November 15, 2015