'Kid Curses After Crashing His Bike' V.S. Peter Griffin Hurting His Knee

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While browsing the pages of Reddit you may stumble upon a new video of a "Kid Cursing After Crashing On His Bike," the video is pretty funny but it bares a very similar resemblance to when Peter Griffin hurt his knee on an episode of 'Family Guy.'

(Videos Below)

The video starts out like any other piece of Reddit viral gold, a simple young kid riding his bike and crashing.

As he crashes, he exclaims "Oh S***," but it isn't the cursing that caught our attention, it's what persists after.

The video originally posted to the Brown Joe YouTube Channel is very reminiscent from a scene from "Family Guy" where Peter Griffin races home as fast as he can, only to trip right in front of his house hurting his knee.

After the kid lands on the floor he grabs one knee and begins to grab it and moan in pain. Griffin does almost identical noises of the kid when he injured his leg and the similarities are just uncanny.

It's great to play side by side to see the effects. It's hard to pick a favorite between the two but viewers can try to after checking out the videos below.

Watch The Kid Falling off His Bike And Cursing Video

Peter Griffin Falls and Hurts His Knee