Kid Cudi's 'Goodbye' Is Absolutely Incredible

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If you don't know this by now, Kid Cudi is one bad man. Early on June 24, Complex premiered Kid Cudi's new track "Goodbye" and it's absolutely incredible. If you slept on Kid Cudi, it's time to wake up.

When Cudi and Dot da Genius get together, fans know they will be getting a hold of some stellar production.

Fans were also in for a treat as Kid Cudi threw on his hip-hop lab coat and mad sciences his way into cooking up something truly special in "Goodbye." Cudi also produced the track under the WZRD alias making for a truly personal piece.

At the end of the day Cudi hasn't lost one step when it comes to rhyming and proved it in "Goodbye."

"The record is produced by WZRD--Cudi and trusted producer Dot da Genius--and features a high-energy vibe and a nasty flip of a Pink Floyd sample that will motivate listeners to get theres by any means necessary," wrote Complex for the premiere.

After successful releases of "All In" and "The Frequency," Kid Cudi has managed to three-peat with "Goodbye." Earlier in the week we were wondering where Cudi had been, now the answer is clear.

You can listen to/stream Kid Cudi's "Goodbye" below.

Stream/Listen to Kid Cudi's "Goodbye"