Kid Cudi's 'All In' Produced by Mike Will Made It is Genius

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Recently Kid Cudi has been releasing some brand new material and they are both pretty incredible.

Following the release of "The Frequency" a few weeks ago Kid Cudi brings us another track titled, "All In." produced by Mike Will Made It.

Let's begin with this incredible production from Mike Will Made It on "All In." It's both majestic and other worldly at the same time which truly fits Cudi's musical persona. It's a cross between all of Cudi's sounds pressed into one incredible and intoxicating track.

When it comes to the lyrics and Cudi's delivery he completely knocks this one out of the part. His harmonized hums and delicate style of delivering his lyrics comes together in a smooth track.

Between "All In" and "The Frequency" Kid Cudi fans are really getting to hear so many different layers to his sound. Cudi can really fit into any genre he very well pleases and quite frankly make all of it sound great.

"All In" may be one of the best "newer" tracks from Cudi and that's saying a lot because "The Frequency" was super solid and a total fan favorite.

Cudi actually had a helping hand in releasing the track. Jaden Smith tweeted the Soundcloud link to "All In." There is no telling whether these two tracks are stand alone releases or part of something bigger.

From what we are hearing we sure hope it's the latter.

Cudi is continuing to release high quality music and he teased that it's just the beginning in the caption of his Soundcloud post.

In the mean time check out "All In" and let us know what you think about the new Kid Cudi tracks in the comments section.

Listen/Stream Kid Cudi's "All In"