Is Kid Cudi Teasing 'Speedin Bullet To Heaven' Album Release?

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Musician Kid Cudi released a new Twitter post that might be alluding to the release of of his highly anticipated album Speedin' Bullet To Heaven. At least that's what fans are beginning to think.

In the tweet below, Cudi says that next week will be a big one followed by some firecracker, flame and shock emojis. Immediately following the tweet fans began questioning whether or not it would be the week they finally get the release of Speedin' Bullet To Heaven.

The album's first single "Confused" was released earlier this summer and also said that Speedin Bullet To Heaven would be following not far behind.

The album was promised for this year and if there is anything that relates this tweet to the release fans are going to be in for a treat.

Fans were also questioning whether or not the excitement could be surround a possible Man On The Moon 3 project which Cudi also teased. Cudi followed up his tweet by saying there will be "a ton more info on Monday." He added how much he loved his fans and called them the best fans in the universe.

There is almost certainty from his fans that the information being released will be directly correlated to the release of Speedin' Bullet To Heaven, however there has yet to be any confirmation from Cudi.

Empty Lighthouse will have a full report on the announcement when it happens. In the meantime fans might want to start readying themselves for the new album.