Kid Cudi Takes His Longest Social Media Break In Some Time

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It's been a little strange for Kid Cudi fans from June 17. Cudi has taken one of his longest breaks from social media in quite some time after being a Snapchatting, Instagramming and Tweeting machine.

Kid Cudi has been a force of social media interacting with his fans and giving them updates on his upcoming music However, it looks like Cudi has finally grown a bit weary of social media and has decided to take a little break.

It's obvious that you can't always keep up with the constant tweeting and Snapchatting and very possible that Cudi just needed a little break.

What's strange about the mini-hiatus is that Cudi has yet to address his Cleveland Cavaliers taking home the 2015-2016 NBA Championship. It's possible he is celebrating the victory but without much on Snapchat or Instagram it's really hard to tell.

Cudi did announce plans to release another album titled, Passion, Pain & DEMON SLAYIN' later on this year but it is still unclear when we will be able to hear it and what sound he plans on letting loose on fans.

Passion, Pain & DEMON SLAYIN' does have fans pretty hyped especially with a couple of in-studio clips from Cudi who has really been hyping the project as he confirmed that Travis Scott would be a feature on the album as well as MGMT.

We hope Cudi is doing well and we can't wait to hear what fire tracks await us on Passion, Pain & DEMON SLAYIN'.