Is Kid Cudi Searching For Love?: Upcoming Concerts

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While much of Cleveland is celebrating the Cavaliers Eastern Conference finals victory to some Kid Cudi, the artist is expressing his envy for those in love and it makes you wonder if Cudi is in the market for a lover.

In the tweet above Kid Cudi clearly states the way he feels and from the sound of it, it looks like he might be searching for that special someone at this stage in his career. The tweet followed one that shared his excitement for having his song "Day N Nite" featured during the Eastern Conference Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Atlanta Hawks.

For the most part, Cudi's daughter Vada Wamwene Mescudi has been the one who captures his heart over and over again.

However, unlike Wiz Khalifa who is still carefree when it comes to relationships, Cudi has made some pretty bold steps in terms of female celebrities.

For example, the time Cudi called Hilary Duff gorgeous and made her day. He's clearly not afraid to put himself out there so the Cudderman might be on the prowl.

Meanwhile, fans are showing their love for Cudi in hopes that it will make him feel better.

Those loving fans can catch Cudi in concert later on this year as his first scheduled concert is slated for June 18 at the 2015 Firefly Music Festival in Delaware.

There are two Cudi projects scheduled for this year titled, "Man On The Moon 3" (MOTM3) and "Speedin' Bullet to Heaven" but fans have yet to receive a single from either despite Cudi's announcement that "SBTH" is coming soon.

Photo courtesy of J. Rivera from California, US Flickr & Wikimedia Commons.