Is Kid Cudi Responding to Lupe Fiasco's Threat?

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It looks like Kid Cudi might be breaking his silence after Lupe Fiasco's threat in late November.

Cudi took to Twitter to "address the madness" and had a few choice words to say and from the sounds of it Fiasco might be the one that the comments are aimed at.

In late November Fiasco issued a live diss which also contained a bit of a threat towards Cudi.

Now almost a month later Cudi, without dropping any names too to Twitter to go off against the "lil rappin ass n***s" as he put it in his tweets.

Cudi blamed the anonymous party for being the reason he doesn't trust anyone.

Cudi wanted to remind his fans that just because his new album Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven featured him exploring a different musical realm, it shouldn't be forgotten that he has show some of the rappers the path.

Cudi ended things with a pretty bold statement saying, "they can have the recipe but they can't cook it like this."

This response comes just a day after Fiasco announced that he would be releasing three albums in 2016 starting with one called Drogas. It is still unclear as to who Cudi is talking about but there has always been one rival that stands out among the most.

Check out the full set of tweets below. Let us know in the comments if you think Cudi is addressing Fiasco.