Kid Cudi Hints To Him Baring It All In His Return To Twitter

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For regular music goers four days isn't that long to go without hearing from a celebrity on Twitter.

Fans of Kid Cudi on the other hand, well that's a whole other story. Today Cudi returned with two posts that were completely opposite but valid in their own ways.

The first post wasn't a personal tweet from Cudi but a retweet of an excerpt from President Barack Obama's statement on the Charleston Church shooting, that claimed the life of nine victims.

The post below was the president's words on how easy it is for people to get their hands on guns.

Does this mean Cudi is all for heightened background checks or other preventative measures? Well, Cudi didn't have much more to say about the issue on social media but he did have one thing it seemed he wanted to get off of his chest.

In his second post since going M.I.A. for a few days, Cudi tweeted that he wanted "to be naked all day today." Well it looks like Cudi is giving fans a little hint as to how he's going to be spending the day. Cudi has two projects scheduled for this year. "Speedin' Bullet To Heaven" and "Man On The Moon 3" are both slated for this year.

So far there hasn't been a single or release date for either project. However, if fans know anything, it's that Cudi usually never disappoints.

If you thought we were joking about his fans missing him for just four days check out the fan response to his naked tweet below. Imagine if he had an official Instagram account.

Photo credit J. Rivera from California, US Wikimedia Commons & Flickr