Kid Cudi Gives Fans Tips On The Proper Way To Take Shrooms And Psychedelics On Twitter

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Kid Cudi (Scott Mescudi) hasn't been in the music scene as often as he use to but he is one to keep in touch with his fans via Twitter and Tuesday he gave his fans some useful advice on drugs.

"@Luuee19: @KidCudi how much should I take ?" stem and a cap. Dem stems are long so maybe half a stem and cap." Tweeted one fan to "The Man On The Moon" artist.

Cudi then replied with "Dont let ur friends tell u eat a whole 8th a shrooms. U need to be right emotionally and mentally and sometimes u cant tell til its too late."

The advice didn't end there Cudi proceeded to advise the fan tweeting, "Start off w a lil, see how u feel, then eat more if ur good.

Demons come out when u do psychedelics if ur not emotionally in a good place." He also said he should start his own advice for fans such as the one he responded to, as he tweeted, "I should do a weekly group chat w fans curated by @joerogan about psychedelics and answer all of your questions! Hmmm."

His first hit "Day N Night" was all about the loner stoner lifestyle but he has experimented with other types of drugs since his success such as cocaine.

So does this mean we can look forward to a drug advice show featuring Cudi himself?