Kid Cudi Gets A Shout Out From Joey King & Returns The Favor

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He might be hard at work to bring fans the "Man On The Moon 3" album, but they aren't forgetting the art Kid Cudi left them with in the past especially actress Joey King.

King seemed to be going through a night where she couldn't decide what she wanted to listen to, that is, until she decided that it was going to be a Kid Cudi night.

The fact that she used his Twitter handle means that she wanted to let him know and he responded in a very gracious fashion.

As if he was at a loss for words, all Kid Cudi could manage was a slew of emoji's to express how he felt after King's tweet. It's not the first time Cudi had a Twitter interaction with someone outside of the Hip-Hop realm on Twitter.

Cudi sent Hilary Duff a tweet that made her day back in October 2014.

So when he's not busy having a debate with Lupe Fiasco he's attracting the attention of actresses and singers all around.

Meanwhile, Kid Cudi is savoring every moment of fatherhood often posting tweets that show his love for his daughter Vada.

Cudi is arguably one of the most creative minds to ever hit the genre of Hip-Hop. His music was one of the first crosses between and Indie mind-set and rap paving the way for many artists who tow that same line today.

There's no surprise that Travi$ Scott is reaching out for a collaboration and had such an emotional reaction to meeting Cudi, while saying there would be no Travi$ Scott without Kid Cudi.

As fans continue to anticipate the "Man On The Moon 3" album, they can revert back to the art that he created to hold them over.