Kid Cudi Encourages Individuality: 'F**k Fitting In'

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Kid Cudi has managed to do so far in his career is create a whole new world of music with some unique fans.

Now, Cudi is inspiring his fans and followers to be themselves in a statement against conformity on Twitter.

"The only approval I live for is my own. You should never really give a sh*t whats in someones head about you or your life. Live for you," says Cudi is his most recent tweet.

"Don't be a puppet. Don't follow. Don't adopt whatever pop culture moments are happening in front of you just to fit in and feel cool or hip."

Cudi is an artist who started the Indie-Hip-Hop and inspired new age artists such as Travi$ Scott and A$AP Rocky in terms of music (Scott) and style (Rocky).

He has a style of music all his own and a fashion sense that matches it.

It's manage to take him quite far in life and now it seems as if Cudi is paying it back by encouraging others to embrace who they are.

"Create your peace, F**k Fitting In," Cudi continued. "Lets uplift each other to be more unique. To be 100% who you are designed to be. You and no one else but YOU. Influence yourself."

After regaining composure Cudi jokes that his sermon for the day is done while telling his fans to have a great day.

These speeches of self-empowerment and encouragement from others around you to aid in it are pretty rare from celebrities but Cudi seems to be in a really good place right now and wants to spread the positive vibe amongst his fans and followers.

Could it possibly be the experience of creating the "Man On The Moon 3" album? Or is it fatherhood? Either way Cudi's had some wise words for his fans that could really help them in the future.

Check out the tweets below: