Kid Cudi Encourages Creativity: Urges Artists To 'Create Without Limitations'

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As one of Hip-Hop's most creative and innovative artists, Kid Cudi has created a following with which he voices his opinions. Today his opinion touched upon a very important aspect of an artists life, creativity.

Cudi's words on artists and their creativity were some of much importance. He began by stating, "A true artist must explore all of his creative instincts." His tweet was a statement that calls for artists to dig deep within every creative fibre of their body in order to reach different avenues of creativity.

Cudi has exercised this notion first with his own style of Hip-Hop followed by his experimentation with other genres of music and finally his career in acting.

As a multi-talented artist, Cudi is speaking from a place of experience. Not all of his artistic ventures were accepted by fans but he still managed to tap into all of them to find his base.

While making sure artists know that they need to explore all avenues of creativity, he also advocated for creative freedom.

"Creative freedom is a must," said Cudi. "We're not truly being supported as artists if we aren't nurtured to create with out limitations," while also encouraging artists to "COLOR, SKETCH and FLY OUTSIDE THE LINES."

There hasn't been much talk among the media about the upcoming "Man On The Moon 3" project that has no official release date.

However, Cudi has been sharing little updates here and there.

The most recent came from a tweet which read, "Recording the madness." As he continues to flex his creative freedom fans are waiting to see what art Cudi has in store for them on "MOTM3."