Kid Cudi Continues His Search For Love: Fans Support Pours In

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While fans continue to anticipate Kid Cudi's upcoming project "Speedin Bullet To Heaven," Cudi might be distracted with love and the search for it, however, that doesn't stop fans from continuing their support.

By now it could be argued that Cudi is one of the most loved artists in Hip-Hop.

He's managed to keep his 1.25 million followers on Twitter engaged with his opinions and announcements and his most recent tweet involving a subject he has been speaking on for some time now, may show signs of a man seeking love.

Cudi posted the tweet above stating that "the yearning for love is what binds us all." If you know anything about Kid Cudi and his fans you know that they have an undying support for their artist. Cudi's been very public about his feelings lately whether good or bad.

Recently he's also been in the news for his brief Twitter beef with radio personality Angie Martinez. However, Martinez has since apologized for her response to his tweets.

It's clear that Cudi might be feeling a bit under-loved but whenever he does, he can always count on his fans to give him all the love and support they can.

Immediately following the tweet, hundreds of fans took to replying with how much they love him.

Of course, there are some who just enjoying trolling as you might find with many other celebrities, however, Cudi truly has a bountiful accumulation of supporting fans.

As the music world continues to wait for "Speedin' Bullet To Heaven" and "Man on The Moon 3," you can check out how fans are continuing to support Cudi below.