Kevin Hart Tells Howard Stern About His Father's Drug Abuse, Early Success & More

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He might be short but Kevin Hart is one of the biggest names in comedy at the moment withfilms that have made $833 million according to Howard Stern.

Hart visited the SiriusXM Stern Show and talked about what it was like having a father who was on drugs, his early success, Ride Along 2 and much more.

Stern opened up the conversation with Hart by commenting on how hot his fiance Eniko Parrish was and the photos he saw of them swimming.

When Stern commented on the physical shape that Hart was in, Hart attributed the amount of working out he does to the fact that he is doing a lot of action comedies but doesn't want to reach a point where he can no longer move his neck.

"Howard said Kevin played to 53,000 people at a stadium. Howard said he must have to change his act for that," according to MarksFriggin.

"Kevin said not at all. He said that's what some people do but he doesn't."

In his early days Hart was a shoe salesman but he says that he always wanted to be an entertainer. Hart was very open about his parents.

His mother was a computer analyst for the University of Pennsylvania as Stern revealed. However, Hart's father was a drug addict and Hart had a few stories to share about growing up without his dad at points.

"Howard said Kevin said his dad may have blown guys to get drugs. Kevin said he grew up in Philadelphia and he heard stories," according to MF.

"He said he can only assume. He said his dad didn't have the money so he's not sure how he was getting it. Howard said Kevin's dad stole a $20 from him for drugs once. Kevin said that's right."

Stern asked if it was tough for Hart to deal with that pain growing up. Hart said that laughter was his way of coping with it all. He continued to say that he is a happy guy and stuck to that after Stern questioned that statement once more.

Hart revealed that his father was on cocaine, heroine and other drugs.

He believes that if his dad was around things might have been different but made it clear he doesn't do drugs like his dad.

However, Hart did say that he might smoke some weed but that weed was hardly a drug.

Hart's mother was very strict and he admired her for how strong she was while raising two kids on her own. Meanwhile, Stern asked Hart about his uncle who went to prison.

Hart often jokes about his uncle and how he still acts as if he is in prison. Stern revealed that Hart's brother was a professional pool player before they dove into Harts career.

Hart, like many comedians, found it hard in the beginning. He told Stern that he was hit by a chicken wing at a show in Atlantic City and went by the name Lil Kev the Bastard for some time.

He later on returned to his personal name and Dave Attell actually put him in contact with his manager of 14 years Dave Becky.

Later on Judd Apatow added Hart to the North Hollywood roster and Hart told Stern that at that point he thought he made it because of a $25,000 check for the pilot.

Hart took the money and bought himself a Mercedes. When the show didn't get picked up, Hart was devastated and getting fired from NBC felt worst but his manager Becky, was always there to motivate him.

The extensive interview eventually came to the reason Hart was there, which was to promote his new film Ride Along 2. In Ride Along 2 Hart stars alongside Ice Cube in the action comedy that hits theaters on January 15.