Kevin Gates Uses A Hilarious Pick Up Line On His Girlfriend Dreka

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If you happen to be cruising through Kevin Gates Instagram page, you're bound to come across something that will make you laugh but this recent pick-up line that he used on his girlfriend Dreka has got to be top 10 Kevin Gates quotes of all time.

"Hey Dreka," said Gates to his girlfriend who addressed him in the same manner in a recent Instagram video.

Then the next thing you know, Gates blurts out the following, "girl you look like a caramel K Kim, bring your fine a** over here."

#Dreka you ain't you like them other hoes

A video posted by Kevin Gates (@iamkevingates) on

In the caption of the video, Gates alluded to Dreka being different from all the other women out there. Of course he used a much different term we just figured we'd dial it back since the quote from the video was so hilarious.

The pick-up line shows a bit of appreciation for Kim Kardashian and Dreka may either be flattered by that or feel a bit awkward being compared to another woman.

The message to remember here is Gates is really in love with his current boo.

Gates has been lacing fans with new music including the most recent "Kno One," where he shows that he too can hang with the best rappers when it comes to making radio hits.

You can check out his mixtapes, including the two most popular, "By Any Means" and "Lucas Brasi 2" to get a bit more familiar with Gates if you've never heard his music.