Kevin Gates Poses A Philosophical Question: Still Hyped Off The 'I Don't Get Tired Remix'

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After the release of his "I Don't Get Tired Remix," it looks like Kevin Gates has turned in his outspoken ways for a more philosophical approach to questioning fans on Instagram.

"You gon answer the question? Would you rather life be how you thought it should be or would you rather life be how you felt it should be," said Gates in his most recent Instagram posts.

"Like they have thinkings they have feelers, answer the question."

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There really is not telling why Gates poses this question to his fans and followers but he gives a little insight to what he can learn from the answers he receives.

"You know imma be able to know a lot about you based on the way you answer the question, so I need you to answer the question," said Gates in the second part of the philosophical videos.

He then laughs before saying, "this my favorite part you heard me."


Which one? #bwa #idgt

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Something about his tone is slightly mocking, however, some fans have already started answering the question in his Instagram comments.

This is a total extreme from what we're normally used to from Gates. Whether it was dating his cousin or eating weed on Instagram, his videos in the past have been pretty outlandish but not anymore.

Meanwhile, Gates is still raving about continuing to listening to the "I Don't Get Tired Remix" (Audio Below) out of the sheer length and the fact that he hasn't heard everything in the song yet.

What fans will be surprised at is the Gates has finally gotten tired of something, he's tired of hurting peoples feelings.

"I don't be trying to hurt nobody feelings no more, I know that sh*t be hurting," said Gates on Instagram.

"I know that sh*t be hurting, I know how it feels when it get done to me it be making me wanna sh*t back so bad but that ain't the way.

I'm blessed right now I'm gonna enjoy my sh*t."

Now that revelation after revelation has been made Gates via social media it looks like he is ready to continue his grind and compete with Hip-Hop's best.

Talking with @mxllzy about the #idgt remix #breadwinnersassociation #bwa #idontgettired #idgt

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im blessed #breadwinnersassociation #bwa #idontgettired #idgt

A video posted by Kevin Gates (@iamkevingates) on

"I Don't Get Tired Remix"