Kevin Gates' New Track 'Khaza' An Unorthodox Dedication To His Son

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Guns, murder and drugs pretty much sum up Kevin Gates' newest track named after his son"Khaza." It's a completely unorthodox approach to naming a song after your kids but it's still one hell of a banger.

(Audio Below)

"Khaza" is relentless offering that expresses the life of a man who is a product of a violent neighborhood. It's the complete opposite of any track that a Hip-Hop artist would release. Last week Wiz Khalifa released the music video for "Play" a video featuring he and his son engaging in a play day.

However, with a music video for "Khaza" there is no way you can see Gates incorporating that type of message.

Fans shouldn't get it twisted as Gates is a family man and has expressed his love for children on Instagram many times over. The song's title might be out of sorts but his love for his kids isn't.

At #Khaza first birthday party #breadwinnersassociation #bwa #idontgettired #idgt

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"Gangsta Gates instead colors this track blood-red, imagining a situation where he comes home and finds his daughter murdered," commented HotNewHipHop. "A harrowing track, but a downright incredible one."

The pounding, epic beat is enough to make you bob your head and rattle your trunk. It's a raw and uncut track that leaves nothing to imagination. Fans shouldn't expect any apologies from Gates about this either as the last time a fan tried to question his parenting skills he blasted them on Instagram.

Moral of the story here, it's just the title of the track not a reflection of fatherhood. Check out the hard-hitting track below.

Listen to "Khaza" Below