Kevin Gates Makes Haters Look Bad After Pointing Out A Fly On His Shirt

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When will they learn that Kevin Gates does not get tired, doesn't get tired of making haters look bad on social media that is.

Gates made one of the simplest gestures that makes some of his Instagram haters look a bit foolish on social media.

A video posted by Kevin Gates (@iamkevingates) on

In the video above Gates gives a sarcastic smirk before panning to the fly on his shirt.

After scratching it to reveal that it was one of the shirts graphics he proceeds to point his middle finger up to the camera and say "p***y."

Meanwhile the caption oft he photo read, "Since you wanna talk,know what you talking bout p***y #bwa #idgt," clearly a shot to someone who didn't know better and felt like Gates be have a bug problem on his hands.

It's not the first time Gates has addressed haters on social media either. He doesn't get tired of telling them off whenever he deems necessary and this was yet another prime example of that.

Some fans are already coming to Gates rescue such as briiitty57 who commented,"Everybody looking for something to hate on! You could see it wasn't a real bug. F**k em! Got em lookin stupid."

Gates recently released the music video for his track "Khaza" named after his son. You can check it out the track and music video below.

"Khaza" Music Video