Kevin Gates Brutal Fan Kick Could Bring Charges

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One of Instagram's most outspoken rapper's, Kevin Gates might be in some hot water as he may be facing charges for the incident at one of his performances where he kicked a fan after they touched his leg.

If you're at a Kevin Gates concert, don't touch him unless you want to be Spartan kicked. Well, this was more like a soccer kick, either way the rapper kicked a fan after she touched his leg.

Just when his career was looking up it looks like things may be taking a turn for the worst as charges are set to be filed against him.

"Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... police in Lakeland, FL are working with the State Attorney's Office and expect the rapper to be charged for the incident that went down over the weekend.

Gates unleashed the kick on a woman who had tugged at his shorts," according to TMZ.

Victim Speaks:

"The woman was struck in the midsection, and went to the hospital. Based on the video alone ... it appears he severely overreacted. It's unclear what the charge will be against Gates, but it's expected to come down sooner than later."

Assault charges should be expected but we still can't get are heads wrapped around the fact that after such a minor touch of Gates he chose to react that way.

Could there be a possible connection between he and the woman or did she say something as she touched him that may have made him angry? At least now we know what he's tired of; fans reaching out and touching him.

Check out the footage below courtesy of TMZ