Kevin Conroy Not A Fan Of Batman Killing In Batman v Superman

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Kevin Conroy is regarded by many to be the best Batman voice actor of all time. Conroy has now expressed his opinion about Ben Affleck's portrayal of the character in last year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Kevin Conroy was interviewed by and he praised Ben Affleck's portrayal of the caped crusader. He also felt that Affleck did a good job of portraying the Bruce Wayne character as well.

However, he wasn't a fan of this Batman killing people. You can read his comments down below.

I hated the fact that there was there was so much death in that movie. I just think that it's important that Batman doesn't kill. That's a line that we never crossed, and I love that about him. It was like he was too noble to kill. Killing was too cheap. It was something the villains did, you know? I love that about the character, so I have a real problem.

Batman killed quite a lot of people in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that also made some fans feel uncomfortable.

He smashed a lot of bad guys with his Batmobile and shot and killed several people in the Batwing.

In lots of other previous iterations of the character, Batman always got out of his way to try and not kill any of his enemies.

It will be interesting to see what Batman does in Justice League out this November.

His Batmobile has even bigger guns than in the previous film. In Justice League though, he will have help from the likes of Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, The Flash and Superman.

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