'Kevin Can Wait': How Much Is Kevin James Getting Paid Per Episode?

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Before every Kevin James movie, every Kevin James TV show, and basically anything else he does comes out, there's always a line of critics waiting like hyenas to pounce and tell us how bad it is. But time after time, James proves the critics wrong.

And because of his amazing record, he can command serious dough. So how much does he get per episode?

The Squander recently published an article on Kevin James' net worth for 2017.

James has had a good luck streak with his movies, with the Paul Blart series being a top grosser for the studio, and a few other high grossing movies as well.

But what is most interesting in the article is what Kevin James may be taking home for his new show, 'Kevin Can Wait'.

According to The Squander in the late 2000s, when his previous sitcom, King of Queens was drawing to a close, James was making nearly a half million dollars per episode.

Today, TV talent salaries are much higher, and it's not uncommon for actors to make over $1 million per episode. The hosts of Top Gear, for example, are making approximately that.

So it wouldn't be surprising if James, given his history of hits with CBS, would be making near that.

The Squander's article estimates that James doesn't make quite that much, but makes closer to what he made on King of Queens. Even at his King of Queens salary of $500,000, he isn't doing too badly.