Kenzie Nimmo Interview: Talks Pending Record Deals, Playing Live & Covers

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A few months back Empty Lighthouse choose Kenzie Nimmo and Harris Heller as one of the best singing duo's on YouTube.

Now, Nimmo and Heller are moving up the ranks and Nimmo gave Empty Lighthouse a look inside their YouTube channel and upcoming projects in an interview.

Nimmo's YouTube channel has over 172,000 subscribers due to her infectious voice and perfect duo's with her boyfriend Harris Heller.

They two manage to rework every cover to make it their own and as fans will learn from the interview the process is not as easy as they make it look on YouTube.

The most recent cover was "Cool Kids" originally by Echosmith and Nimmo and Heller transformed themselves into two totally different characters for their music video.

Check out what Nimmo had to say about the whole experience below.

Not only are you guys a killer duo on YouTube but your Vine page has around 1.2 million followers, what do you both think makes your social media outlets so popular?

"Oh, thank you! I think something that was a big catalyst, is that people love love. I think people see that we have a connection when we sing and it can give them a deeper connection to us."

Are the last three Vines (Hanging Tree & Reflections) a little preview of what's to come on the YouTube channel?

"We have a couple up coming covers on YouTube that we're really excited about, but I can't say it will be either of those songs."

You both have really dedicated fans and great chemistry, is there anyway you'd try to take your talent further from social media to mainstream entertainment?

"Of course! We started on social media hoping that it would open doors to other platforms, and it has."

How did it feel to play the Velour Live Music Gallery in October? What other venues have you played and do you ever get nervous for something like that?

"Playing at the Velour was really fun, the most memorable part was the crowd. They were really interactive.

Playing live has been a recent priority for us and it's given us a chance to interact with our listeners on a much more personal level.

Live shows are a different world from performing on social media, so it's definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to grow. I love it though."

Have any of your fans ever approached you while you were out somewhere? If so, what's the funniest encounter you've had with them?

"Yeah, it's a strange feeling to have someone know you and for you to not know them. This Halloween I went to a big dance party with half my face painted like a sugar skull.

And a guy, came up to me and said, "You look just like this singer girl on Vine named Kenzie, do you get that a lot?" I didn't know what to say because I thought he was teasing.

It wasn't till a couple minutes later when he asked what my name was and I said, "Kenzie..." that he put the two together."

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Has anyone approached either of you about recording deals?

"Yes. We're talking to a couple labels, so, we'll where that goes."

How important is it to you to rework a song and not do an identical cover? What kind of planning goes into videos such as the Echosmith "Cool Kids" cover?

"Some songs are so well structured that it's hard to deviate from it's original sound. Part of picking a good song to cover, is choosing one that has the potential to sound completely different.

It's something we always try to do our best at.

'Cool Kids' was a fun video to plan. We already knew the message we wanted to convey, so we had a videographer over for a couple hours, and just had a great time brainstorming scenes and ideas."

What are your top three songs right now?

"Oh man. That's the worst question! I get new music literally every day, it changes so fast. But if I have to:"

1. Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars
2. Pray to God by Calvin Harris and HAIM
3. Geronimo by Sheppard

Anything else you would like to add for the fans?

"Just that I love them all. They've all changed our lives so much, it's incredible."

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