Kendall Jenner Talks Dream Kardashian and Plays 'Hot Hands' On The Ellen Show

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It was a pretty revealing interview for Kendall Jenner during her visit to The Ellen Show.

While she revealed why she decided to leave Instagram, she also chatted about the newest member of the family, Dream Kardashian and played a little game of Hot Hands.

DeGeneres told Jenner she had a pretty close family and now Jenner has her own house. She wanted to know how Jenner was dealing with the change.

Jenner said that her family and friends are over and she moved outside of The Valley to get away because she knows her moms house is amazing.

She didn't want to get too comfortable and stay there until she was 30, though DeGeneres pointed out that Kim Kardashian was still there and has two babies.

Jenner said she forced herself to get out and is having fun shopping for furniture. DeGeneres told Jenner to make sure she gets someone really good to help her out with art shopping so that she doesn't get ripped off.

Jenner also chatted about Dream, the child of her brother Robert Kardashian and Blac Chyna. She added that Dream looks just like Robert and her brother was so happy it could make her cry.

During the visit Jenner also played a little game of Hot Hands on The Ellen Show, which you can check out in the video.

Kendall and her sister Kylie Jenner are releasing a followed up to their first book but didn't reveal too much. You can watch more of Kendall Jenner's visit in The Ellen Show videos below.

Kendall Jenner Talks Dream Kardashian On The Ellen Show

Kendall Jenner Plays Hot Hands On The Ellen Show