Watch Keke Palmer and Erykah Badu's Stunning Freestyle Duet on Nick Cannon's 'Wild'n Out'

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Keke Palmer and Erykah Badu, as well as Mack Wilds and Curren$y, were guests on tonight's 100th episode of MTV's Wild'n Out with Nick Cannon.

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Grammy award winner Erykah Badu wasn't on the show to play tonight -- she was there to win...and win she did.

The unbelievably talented artist beat all of the regulars on the show with her quick wit, poetry, and of course, with her voice.

The first game was 'Jokin' Word,' a spoken word game where each team had to spit a poem. Nick Cannon started the game with a poem about Erykah Badu.

But Erykah wasn't going to let him win with that, and she came back with this rhyme about Kanye's Clothes:

Let me see what this /
Yeezy season talkin' bout real quick /
Two racks for a sweater with holes in it /
That is some bull**** /
Cause see I rose wit you Yeezy /
But this **** is a high amount /
Why don't you hook your cousin up with that five finger discount

After that, the teams played 'Family Reunion,' in which Keke Palmer and Erykah Badu sang some great rhymes.

But the highlight of the night was when Keke and Erykah played 'R&Beef' -- and they floored the audience with their talent.

After a weak performance by Nick Cannon's gold team, Keke and Erykah made up this instant classic R&B song on the spot:

The song brought down the house, and easily won the game.

But Erykah Badu wasn't going to stop there. In the final game, 'Wild Style,' she started with this freestyle about Nick Cannon's ridiculous glittery boots:

Yeah Nick / I'm plenty bad /
30 - 26 - 36 in the house /
I let you hit / You don't know what to do /
Uh oh...a unicorn threw up on your shoe

That wasn't it, however...She took on almost every guy on Nick's team with her other freestyle rhymes.

You can watch the whole episode on

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