Keith Olbermann Make A Bulls*** Response To Opie Calling Him Out On Twitter

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Tuesday, radio personality Greg "Opie" Hughes called out ESPN grump Keith Olbermann for his complete lack of a sense of humor.

Olberman had gone on a rant during his ESPN2 show "Olbermann" the previous night where he showed an inability to get the joke when it came to people dressing up as Ray Rice for Halloween.

Here is an example of Opie's comments:

Olbermann's response was as tone deaf as his original comments.

Olbermann's comments were non-answers and a lame attempt to insult "Opie with Jim Norton" listeners.

They showed that he still does not understand that comedy can come from an unhappy place and that it does not always have to be safe.

Opie called out Olbermann for his lack of an answer.