Keahu Kahuanui Vines About His 'Teen Wolf' Character, Danny

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Yesterday, Keahu Kahuanui tweeted that he had a theory about what happened to Danny, his character of MTV's Teen Wolf.

Kahuanui played the resident hacker and best friend of Jackson Whittemore (Colton Haynes) for the show's first three seasons.

He was briefly engaged in a relationship with werewolf, Ethan (Charlie Carver) Last season it was reported that Kahuanui would not be returning to the show.

Creator, Jeff Davis, had said it was because he "thought that there was nothing left for Danny to do in Beacon Hills."

Even though Danny was only a minor character, he had become a fan favorite through over the three years. His abrupt departure had Kahuanui bombarded with questions as to why the character was no longer one the show.

His response was a tweet which said "So many questions. So few I can answer."

The day before Kahuanui tweeted that he had a theory for what happened to Danny.

Kahuanui posted a vine of himself dressed as Danny.

He was in front of a school that is the same or similar to the one used for "Teen Wolf." All the doors were locked to him, and he just sort of wanders off with a sigh of "Usual."