Katy Perry Talks Her 'Witness' Album and More On The Ellen Show

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Katy Perry is back on The Ellen Show and ready to chat about her new look, Witness album and much more.

The singer also played a little game called "Will You Perry Me?" that will have her fans and Ellen Show fans rolling with laughter.

As she sat down with DeGeneres, Perry said that she went into her hairdresser and told her that she wanted "The Ellen." DeGeneres said that Perry had gone a little beyond The Ellen and Perry referred to it as a little Ellen and a little Alf Alfa.

Perry said she cut her hair about a month and decided to do it after going too blonde and having her hair fall out.

The singer said she took some time off after the Super Bowl and album. She was tired, took October to June off and wrote over 40 songs, 15 of which will be featured on Witness, set to release on June 9.

Perry also explained how she used a "Go Girls" contraption to help her use the bathroom when she is wearing an outlandish costume.

DeGeneres also broke some more news, which was confirmed by Perry. She will be a judge on American Idol, which is set to make its return.

Perry elaborated on her album Witness which contains tracks that are focused on liberation, whether political or sexual. For her tour, Perry has partnered with The Boys and Girls Club.

One dollar from each ticket sold will be given to The Boys and Girls Club.

In addition to that you can earn one of 50 tickets by signing up and volunteering at The Boys and Girls Club.

Later on Perry struck a Twitter agreement and played a game of Will You Perry Me? Check out all of the awesome clips from her visit in The Ellen Show videos below.

Katy Perry Talks Her 'Witness' Album and More On The Ellen Show