Kate Hudson Talks Singing and More On The Ellen Show

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As a frequent guest of The Ellen Show, Kate Hudson is always open and interesting. This time around, Hudson and DeGeneres chatted about her singing snippets, dating and much more.

DeGeneres welcomed Hudson to the show and said that she wanted to talk about a video Hudson posted to Instagram. The host also said that Hudson is actually a really good singer.

Hudson said she loves to sing anf that singing is actually her first passion. The Ellen Show rolled a clip of Hudson singing in her living room as her little one lays around on the couch, enjoying his mom's singing.

Hudson was singing Rihanna and she said she has a professional mic setup in her house because there is a lot of singing going on. She also has her kids involved as Bing loves Twenty One Pilots and her older son Ryder, is into singing Bruno Mars.

Hudson said both of her sons actually like Twenty One Pilots and they went to a concert a couple of nights ago. The actress said that you really realize how big of an impact music has on kids.

Meanwhile, Hudson is going full force with her athletic wear company which she said wants to make fashionable and functional workout clothes. She present DeGeneres with her very own pair of workout pants, featuring the be kind to one another phrase down the leg.

Before they wrapped up the interview, DeGeneres wanted to know if Hudson would try a dating app.

Hudson said she couldn't imagine what it would be like. She would rather meet a guy at Starbucks or have the guy have the courage to go up to her and ask her out.

You can watch the Kate Hudson interview in The Ellen Show video below.

Kate Hudson Talks Singing and More On The Ellen Show