Karl Urban Really Hopes To Return To Star Trek 4

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Karl Urban who plays Bones in the new Star Trek trilogy is really hoping a fourth movie gets made.

If Paramount Pictures greenlights it, Urban says that he will sign up to return in a heartbeat. Hopefully his wish comes true in the near future.

Urban expressed his interest in returning to the franchise during a recent interview with ScreenRant.

It sounds like he also wants the same cast members to return as well as he loves both the characters and actors. You can read his comments on the matter below.

I'll tell you if Paramount greenlights a fourth movie for us, I'll be there. I love working with those guys and you know the fans love those characters. Yeah. It'd be a blast

There were early talks that a fourth movie will see the return of Chris Hemsworth. Before Hemsworth became famous with Thor, he played a small part as Captain Kirk's dad in the 2009 movie.

Development for the fourth film is still in its early stages. It's likely to have time travel again so Kirk can be able to see his dad again. The added star power of Hemsworth could make the movie worth watching.

Even though Star Trek Beyond earned $343.3 million at the worldwide Box Office last year, it was less than the amounts earned by Star Trek 2009 and Star Trek Into Darkness. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto have reportedly signed on to make at least one more film with J.J. Abrams returning as the producer.

It's more than likely if the movie gets made, Mr Urban should return. Sadly, the only person that cannot return is Anton Yelchin. Yelchin passed away last year and his character Chekov isn't going to be recast.

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