Kanye West's Social Media Surge: 'So Help Me God' Predictions

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With all of the great things happen for Kanye West, it seems like he is a totally rejuvenated man, especially after becoming a father.

With the rejuvenation, comes a social media surge fans seem to be enjoying, but will his upcoming album "So Help Me God" live up to what it's promised so far?

West has given fans a taste of the new album with three songs, "Only One" featuring Paul McCartney, "Wolves" featuring Vic Mensa and Sia and "All Day" featuring Allan Kingdom and Theophilus London.

Each song touches on a particular sound that West has used on his albums "808's & HeartBreaks," "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy," and "Yeezus." The crooning styling accentuated with the use of autotune is without a doubt reminiscent of "808's & Heartbreaks" and served as a beautiful ode to his daughter, North West.

"Wolves" lends itself to the dark but mystifying nature that expelled throughout "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy," and "All Day" featured the harsh and in your face nature of "Yeezus."

So what does this tell us about "So Help Me God" ? Well, judging from the first three singles it looks like West is exploring all of his previous styles and compiling them into one piece of art that embodies his journey as a musician and as a person.

From the struggle of dealing with fame, comping with the loss of his mother and trying to break into the extremely difficult world of high-fashion, West is clearly looking to revisit those places while bringing his fans along as well.

One question remains, while the three albums mentioned above have shown pieces from them, is it possible that fans could possibly be in for a "College Dropout," "Late Registration" or "Graduation" Kanye West track? That remains to be scene, but in the meantime West is continuing to draw fans in with his Twitter account.

What was once a seemingly barren account aside, has now turned into a forum and outlet for West.

He has used Twitter to apologize to Beck and Bruno Mars, while communicating to fans why he was so frustrated and how relieved he was to be breaking into fashion, during the launch of the Adidas clothing line and the Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost sneaker.

The account even serves as forum where West can show his support for artists like Big Sean and Mike Dean.

In the month of February, West has been at one of his most vocal highs in terms of Twitter and fans should expect that to continue with the release of his album nearing, though a target date has not been confirmed.

All in all what fans are seeing is a rejuvenated West who is looking to leave a very big lasting impression on everyone in the world, whether they listen to music or not and whether that impression is one that they will support or not.