Kanye West Shouts Out Pharrell Williams For 'Freedom' Music Video

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Remember Child Rebel Soldiers? Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell Williams' supergroup that took Hip-Hop by storm for a bit.

Well, now two of those members are now making news again as Kanye West shouts out Pharrell and praises him for his "Freedom" video.

In the tweet below Kanye West raved about Pharrell's new song "Freedom" and the Music Video that premiered via Apple Music. West said that the the song was beautiful and the video was "incredibly shot," according to a tweet earlier today.

He then followed his tweet up by calling Pharrell "God." Those who are fans of early Pharrell tracks know that he made his way to Hip-Hop with the moniker "Skateboard P" as a member of the Neptunes.

He went on to become one of the top producers in Hip-Hop and is now making the news over his latest track "Freedom." So while using the name "Skateboard P" West sent out his own tweet honoring Pharrell for the new track.

There is no release date set for Pharrell's new project and West's "Swish" is still a bit of a mystery in that department as well. Check out the tweets below.