Justin Timberlake's Teen Choice Decade Award Acceptance Speech Was Perfect

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When it comes to being an inspiration to people all overall the world and creating hits that bring the world together to just dance, dance, dance, Justin Timberlake is probably the greatest at it.

He recently accepted the Teen Choice Decade Award and his acceptance speech was pretty empowering.

Timberlake has a total of 23 Teen Choice Awards, the most of any male in the show's history. He humbly accepted the award from Kobe Bryant, who said he considered himself a friend of Timberlake's.

He was clearly overcome and looked slightly nervous to be sharing the stage with Bryant. Though, the real message from Timberlake was about the real choices, respect and empowerment.

"As a former teen, a while ago, who's made a few choices along the way, I'm here to tell you that you and your choices matter.

In my case, I grew up in Millington, Tennessee, just outside of Memphis, where I was blessed to be raised by parents and a family who taught me some big lessons," said Timberlake in his speech.

"They taught me to respect them.

They taught me to respect myself and to respect all people on the basis of their character -- not where they live, not what they did for a living or the color of their skin.

My parents did their best to fill my young mind not with prejudice or hate but with compassion and love."

Thank you @kobebryant and #TeenChoice. What an honor. #DecadeAward

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Timberlake wanted to push togetherness and used some of the inspirational people he met in life including Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin and many more.

Of course he joked along the way, but shared some of the greatest knowledge that someone in a position to influence the youth could share.

"I think it's part of the reason why to this day I try to live my life working closely with, making music with and spending so much of my time with an amazing group of people: male, female, straight, gay, every walk of life," he continued.

"People who help each other and find a common ground.

I was drawn to all these people not because they look like me, but because they think and feel like me. The truth is we are all different, but that does not mean we all don't want the same thing."

He finished his speech with a message of making everything you do count, giving back to the community, becoming a solution and most importantly never to give up.

If you want to read his full speech you can do so here, or watch the entire speech in the video below.

Justin Timberlake's Teen Choice Decade Award Speech (2016 Teen Choice Awards)

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