Justin Timberlake Visits The Ellen Show and Plays 5 Second Rule

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It was a day plenty of Ellen Show fans were waiting for, as Justin Timberlake made yet another memorable visit. The multitalented Timberlake caught up with his good friend Ellen DeGeneres and even played a game of 5 Second Rule.

DeGeneres welcomed Timberlake to the show and the audience cheered their faces off. Timberlake and DeGeneres broke out a little dance for the audience as he thanked them for their warm reception.

He and DeGeneres joked that he should be there all of the time. DeGeneres invited him to help her co-host the show because he kept calling for a clip.

Timberlake chatted about his son Silas and how much he likes to chase the golf balls around when he putted it.

For Halloween, the entire family dressed up as characters from Trolls, however, Silas wasn't feeling the wig.

Meanwhile, DeGeneres talked about how much she loves "Can't Stop The Feeling," and the video she and her friends sent Timberlake after they "did not" have the tequila he sent her.

There was some confusion on what the lyrics to the song were as DeGeneres thought it was "just electric," however, Timberlake revealed it was very clearly, "just imagine." Meanwhile, Timberlake chatted about his new film and also revealed that he was in the studio with Pharrell, Timbaland and more of his favorite producers but would not reveal when the new music is coming.

Later on in the show, Timberlake and DeGeneres played 5 Second Rule and the game was hosted by Mario Lopez. You can watch Timberlake's interview and game of 5 Second Rule in The Ellen Show video below.

Justin Timberlake's Ellen Show Interview

Justin Timberlake and Ellen DeGeneres Play 5 Second Rule