Justin Bieber Won Everyone Over

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In one year Justin Bieber has gone from one of the most criticized musicians and frankly the most criticized human being, to fame beyond his initial entrance into music with "One Time" in 2009.

What's even more impressive is the way in which he's won everyone over.

This should be prefaced with the fact that there are still people who aren't a fan of Bieber and quite frankly may never be a fan. That being said, the world is full of haters and no one person in the world can go on living without having at least one.

Bieber's album "Purpose" is by far his best work yet. It's also riddled with apologies, words of encouragement to the youth and chock full of redemption.

Bieber Performing at the AMA's

It seems like one of his biggest goals was to make amends with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

By now the world knows that the two enjoyed a night out where he serenaded her with a cover of The Temptations "My Girl." Speculation has already begun floating around that the two could be back together, however, neither Bieber or Gomez's camp confirmed it as yet.

What's important to note is that they are hanging out in public once again and look to be enjoying each other's "Company."

It was a lot more than just admitting his mistakes on the album. Bieber's life was opened to the public which means it was open to a world of criticism and people watching his every move. What Bieber did was learn from his mistakes and used his publicized life to regain the trust and support of those who had given up. He got some of his most famous friends together including Ellen DeGeneres, Ariana Grande, EDM DJ/Producer Skrillex and more to joint him on his crusade to win the world over once again.

He exercised patience, showed maturity and asked for forgiveness. Bieber did what we all do in life at some point, he grew up.

People will question how genuine all of his moves are but the deciding factor will ultimately be the future. For now, Bieber has made his comeback and has done so in a respectable manner.

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