Justin Bieber V.S. Bryan Silva : Who Flexes Harder?

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The only person that seems to have their shirt off for the majority of the their Instagram photos other than Bryan Silva might be Justin Bieber.

So the question is who flexes the most?

Bieber made headlines last week after stripping down to his boxers on the live broadcast of Fashion Rocks 2014 in the UK. The sentiment was taken well by his fans who loved nothing more than to see Bieber in less clothing, which can be deciphered from the immense cheering that took place as he began to strip.

Meanwhile Silva, famous for his Vine videos and that amazing catch phrase, "Gratata," has recently been featured on Tosh.0 as the two sat down on the "Yachtata" to talk about the catch phrase. While on the show Daniel Tosh also asked him about how he got his street cred.

Silva also called Jay Z a "fufu lame" which is pretty bold but the fact that he says he wants to take over everything and calls himself god might be the reason he seems fearless.

Both Silva and Bieber are not strangers to flexing their muscles for the camera but Bieber has managed to acquire a larger fan base 54.6 million followers on Twitter vs. Silva's just over 8,000. Bieber's over 21 million Instagram followers also trumps Silva's at just under 10,000.

So in terms of flexing Bieber may have Silva beat. The two do have one thing in common and that's the flex in front of a mirror with your cellphone pose.

Check out the pose.

I Be Flexin She Be Textin

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