Justin Bieber Reveals U.S. Stadium Tour On The Ellen Show

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Justin Bieber paid The Ellen Show a visit for the 26th time and it was made even more special after he shared a big announcement. DeGeneres made the 26th visit announcement with a photo of young Bieber.

The fans awed at the photos as DeGeneres continued to list all of the awesome things they did together on the show. Bieber even received a car from DeGeneres when he turned 18.

It's been a pretty wild ride for DeGeneres and Bieber. DeGeneres tried to see who Bieber was dating however, the pop star was quick to say that he wasn't dating anyone nor was he looking either.

As the host continued to lighten things up she asked Bieber if he has ever been on Tinder. He has never been on any dating app and doesn't feel the need to.

The two friends took turns showing off their muscles and Bieber said that while he is on tour he just gets lonely and misses tour. His little brother is now 7-years-old and Bieber said he is growing up pretty fast.

From boy bangs to man bangs, he's come a long way, and he's here tomorrow.

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As if over 100 concerts weren't enough, Bieber announced that he will be doing stadium tours in the U.S. It doesn't look like Bieber wants to stop working.

He is scheduled to perform at the Rose Bowl and DeGeneres gave the entire audience tickets to see him.

You can watch Justin Bieber's interview and stadium tour reveal in The Ellen Show video below.

Justin Bieber Reveals U.S. Stadium Tour On The Ellen Show

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