Justin Bieber Fans Got Trolled Heavy: Oldie But Goodie

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The video may be from 2011 but it will never get old as one man trolls Justin Bieber fans in Zurich, Germany.

(Video Below)

A video was posted to YouTube in April of 2011 as fans gathered outside of Hallenstadion in Zurich waiting for a glimpse of Bieber.

What they got was not Bieber, but the fans overcome with excitement and standing from as far as they were couldn't tell the difference between the real Bieber and an imposter.

A man makes his way up to the roof of a neighboring building in the city sporting a button down shirt and one of Bieber's famous fitted hats. To make it seem a little more realistic, the man has the hat tilted to the side worn in perfect Bieber fashion.

He inches his way over to the top of the building where he would be in the view of the large crowd that gathered and what happens next is priceless.

In just seconds he was able to generate screams that filled the city and no one could tell whether or not he was the real Bieber.

His accomplices stood back to watch as he fooled hundreds, possibly thousands of fans in 45 seconds of comedic relief.

This video just goes to show what a pop icon like Bieber is able to with his influence. It's a shame that this type of influence can't be channeled into something much more useful to his fans an the world.

Check out the video below.