Justin Bieber and Major Lazer's 'Cold Water' Collaboration Is Excellent

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It seems as if Justin Bieber has really found a sound that he can really make some huge hits with.

Meanwhile, Major Lazer is continuing to make some of the greatest EDM/Pop anthems ever. The new collaboration "Cold Water" by Major Lazer featuring Justin Bieber and M? is a really special track.

"Cold Water" is one of those songs that you just know will be on your playlist as soon as it is played. There is no way around the fact that Bieber's maturity in his sound and ability to adapt to these EDM/Pop hybrid beats is unmatched.

As for Major Lazer, well these guys just know how to produce hits.

Led by Diplo, Major Lazer has really found a way to make a major imprint on the music business by making music that just makes you feel good.

If you happen to be set up on Major Lazer's mailing list, you would have received an email with streaming and download options for the track along with a detailed message of how "Cold Water" came together, including the fact that Ed Sheeran and Benny Blanco were also heavily involved in the project.

"I had been trying to link with Benny Blanco and Ed Sheeran for years to find the right song we could all work on together and the moment I heard this one, I knew that it was the one," said Diplo in the message.

"The timing was perfect and when we approached Justin, he was also in love with the song we all had written.

I thought it would be interesting to incorporate another vocal and seeing she's family, I reached out to M? and we decided to try our best to make something fresh and interesting as Major Lazer."

If you haven't heard Major Lazer, Justin Bieber and M?'s "Cold Water," you can stream it below.

Stream "Cold Water" By Major Lazer Ft. Justin Bieber and M?

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