Juliette Lewis Visits the Howard Stern Show

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The actress/singer Juliette Lewis visited the Howard Stern SiriusXM show to talk about her music career, time in the film industry and much more.

Stern introduced Lewis as his best friend and said that he hadn't seen her in 20 years. He commented on Lewis' physical shape and how fit she looked. Lewis chalked up her shape to Barry's Boot Camp.

Lewis is a high intensity performer and Stern was surprised when he heard that she dove into the crowd. He says he was fearful at the fact that she could have been molested however, Lewis stuck up for her fans.

She says for the most part they are pretty awesome. She did point out a few instances where it did go wrong for her.

"She said only a couple of times did she want to punch someone in the face. She said they were very grabby in Italy. She said that she would never do that again there," according to MarksFrggin's rundown.

"She said this particular audience was grabby.

She said one other time there was a female she got close to while she was singing and she put her hands on her backside. She said she stopped singing and she almost got violent."

Lewis defended her audience and continued to praise them and told Stern that after movies like Cape Fear, people were worried that she might have stalked, according to MF.

It doesn't appear that Lewis saw it that way, as she said most of the people who approach her are actually lovely.

Lewis jumped into talking about her dad's rebellious nature and his influence on her when it came to acting.

After discussing Cape Fear and cordial run-ins with Brad Pitt, Lewis talked about her spiritual nature. She told Stern that she had dabbled in Scientology but when he asked her if she was a Scientologist, she just replied by stating she was a spiritual person that believes in benevolent forces and godliness.

Lewis has had many admirers in her career. One of those admirers happened to be Foo Fighters lead singer and Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl.

"Howard said he thought she and Dave Grohl were going to become something.

Howard said Dave thinks she should quit acting and just be a musician. She said she was shocked and amazed by what Dave said about her in the documentary," according to MF.

"She said he sort of mentored her in many ways. She said she'd ask him about band dynamics and things like that. She said she'd call and ask him for advice."

Lewis was on the Stern Show promoting the documentary, Hard Lovin' Woman, directed by Stern Show friend Michael Rapaport. It explores Lewis' career and how she balances being both an actor and musician.

Her entire interview with Stern was super extensive and informative. Lewis proved to be a pretty open guest as the Stern Show ends another week of great interviews.