Juicy J & Logic's 'I Ain't F*kin Wit Cha' is Incredible, True Story

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There are so many ways in which you can describe the awesomeness that shines throughout Juicy J and Logic's collaboration "I Ain't F*kin Wit Cha" simply because it's an instant classic.

(Audio Below)

"I Ain't F*kin Wit Cha" instantly reminds us of that classic video of the infamous Logic interview with DJ Booth where he declared that he does not f**k with anyone. Instantly you know that he was a perfect fit for the song based of the tracks title alone.

Juicy J is known for having some slamming production and this time he receives just that courtesy of Wondagurl.

"I Ain't F*kin Wit Cha" is an anthem for someone who has had enough of certain individuals and both Juicy J and Logic gave all of the reasons why they don't f**k with anyone.

"While we're not sure about the Zay track, this one is confirmed to appear on Juicy's upcoming album THC: The Hustle Continues," according to HotNewHipHop.

Logic's sophomore album The Incredible True Story arrives in a matter of days and for his fans it's built just as much hype as his debut Under Pressure.

You can check out "I Ain't F*kin Wit Cha" below and let us know what you think about the track in the comments section.

Listen to "I Ain't F*kin Wit Cha" below.