Judd Apatow Talks His New Book, Charity & Stand-Up On The Howard Stern Show

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Radio host Howard Stern continued his pattern of comedian interviews with Judd Apatow this morning as Apatow dished on his new book, "Sick In The Head: Conversations About Life and Comedy."

Apatow appeared on the show and Sterns intro commended his guest for ideas that all seem to become "billion dollar movies." After a brief intro they dove in by discussing Apatow's past and present comedic ventures.

"Howard said Judd is a comedy nerd," according to MarksFriggin. "He said that he used to do interviews with comedians when he was young.

Howard said Judd wanted to be a stand up. Judd said he did it last night with a bunch of other comedians."

The exchange was based on Apatow's interviews that were conducted in his younger years.

His book, "Sick In The Head: Conversations About Life and Comedy" happens to be a compilation of those interviews, paying homage to stand-up comedy itself.

Apatow chose to add new famous names in comedy along the way according to a recent NY Times article.

"Once he decided to put them in a book, he figured he would add new interviews, including ones with several of the people -- like Jerry Seinfeld and Garry Shandling -- he talked to as a young man," reported NY Times.

"The interviewees inevitably include many collaborators -- Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey, Lena Dunham -- since his resume in movies ("Knocked Up," "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," "Funny People") and television ("The Ben Stiller Show," "Freaks and Geeks," "Girls") can make Mr.

Apatow seem like a Zelig of the comedy scene."

All of the money from the book is going to charity according to Apatow, who also said that he did some producing for comedy shows to raise money for the homeless according to MarksFriggin.

Chris Rock was among some of he names the two discussed when it came to the big names in comedy.

"Howard asked Judd if he thinks he had stuck with the comedy thing then would he have made it with that moment like Chris Rock had when he did," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said Chris all of a sudden kind of willed himself to be great. Judd said it's hard to know.

He said he worked with Chris early on and he had some great jokes. He said his best 20 were way better than anyone else's in the business. He said you just knew it was going to fill out."

After having David Spade on last weeks show and Jeff Ross yesterday, Stern continues to keep in touch with some serious comedic legends.