Joy Williams Releases New Single 'Woman (Oh Mama)'

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American singer/songwriter Joy Williams has released the first single of her upcoming solo album, Venus, which will be released this summer.

After the break-up of duo The Civil Wars, which consisted of Williams and John Paul White, the artist ventured onto her own path. "Woman (Oh Mama)" offers an upbeat melody that will remain in the minds of fans and listeners once the song is well over.

But besides its catchy tune, the song pays a tribute to women and provides empowerment to women alike.

"Woman (Oh Mama)" is Williams' way of expressing what it is like to feel comfortable being in your own skin and being yourself.

On her website, Williams writes, "I wanted to own the complexity and the three dimensional aspect of what it is to be a woman." With that, the song celebrates women with lines like "I am the universe wrapped in skin" and "I am the moon in the midnight sky."

With all the positives that come with being a woman, Williams doesn't shy away from including some of the not-so-positives.

Being a woman isn't always easy or simple, something she expresses by singing "Woman's always the one to blame" or "I am the secret you try to hide." But even so, Williams carries energy and power in her voice while showing the excitement she has about being a woman in this world.

Overall, "Woman (Oh Mama)" is a moving song that not only inspires those who listen, but also sets the groundwork for what is to come on the rest of Venus.

Check out the song here.