Joshua Jackson Talks The Possibility of A Dawson's Creek Reunion and More On The Ellen Show

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Joshua Jackson is currently nailing his role on The Affair but still found the time to stop by The Ellen Show to chat about the possibility of a Dawson's Creek reunion, dating and more.

As Jackson and DeGeneres ran through the interview, the host wondered, since there were so many shows that were having reboots, whether or not there was a possibility that Dawson's Creek could join in on the fun as well. Jackson said they killed Michelle at the end of the season and it has also been a very long time.

The star joked that to actually see him and his three co-stars in the same show now might be a little bit shocking and heartbreaking.

Jackson said if you put the four of them now next to the four of them from the early days it would be pretty shocking. Later on DeGeneres brought up the fact that Jackson is now single after 10 years in a relationship.

Jackson said things have changed since the last time he was single. DeGeneres rolled a couple of photos of young Jackson.

Meanwhile, Jackson told DeGeneres and the audience that they would be toning down the nakedness in The Affair and for the pilot, he was mostly naked for the entire thing.

You can watch all of the fun from Joshua Jackson's interview on The Ellen Show in the videos below.

Joshua Jackson and Ellen DeGeneres Talk About The Possibility Dawson's Creek Reunion

Joshua Jackson and Ellen DeGeneres Talk Dating